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Turn Your Designs into Tiles

Got a design in mind for your tiles? Share it with us. It can be a picture, photo, company logo or pattern — even natural surfaces like wood and stone.

Whatever stirs your imagination, Johnson Tiles can create them all in a variety of different sizes and shape options. Giving you a new level of freedom to express yourself.

Discover how you can personalise your space for the unique stories you want to tell, every day. Simply follow our steps below.

Step 1: Upload your image

(Recommended file upload size is under 2MB)

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Step 2: Select your tile size

(First select your tile, then select your design type)

Step 3: Select your tile type

(Design type)

Hit the Preview/Refresh button below to review your design. Do note that if you change the variables, you'll need to click on this button again.


grid outlines
image for resizing
HINT: Hold SHIFT while resizing to prevent image distortion.

Step 4: Get quote

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